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Hey guys, welcome to my Stanced Out blog. I really hope you guys enjoy the content I post here. I just wanted this to be entertaining to everybody, both experienced vehicle modders and new people looking to get into stancing out their cars. Every once in a while I’ll post a funny accident (that happens when you rush!)  But this blog is really for supporting a lot of people are dedicated to taking the time to really make their car standout in its own unique way and I want to show you guys some of the best (in my opinion) finished products. It really is an artistic process that I hope you all will love as much as I do.

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Richard’s 07 HR Blog

I’ve recently been able to get in touch with a good friend of mine, Richard. He actually drives the slammed 07 350z HR that’s on my page! His blog mainly consists of his car but he house a couple thousand followers, so I wanted to get an idea of how he ran his so I can make mine even better for you guys and I’ve got to say, I’m definitely impressed with how he runs the page. He strictly uses Instagram to promote his car so you guys should definitely check it out (@rizzy350z). Fair warning, it is definitely geared more towards all the Z fans out there, so if you’re one of them, then this is definitely a page for you to check out. A lot of times he will let his followers help him pick out certain mods. (Example) he’ll post 3 different sets of wheels and whichever set gets the most likes within a certain time frame will be the ones he rolls on for a while and has for the next set of pictures he takes. It’s actually a great idea because it lets him know what you guys love to see on the car which gives him a great edge for competitions at car shows and it’s definitely great for any 350/370z enthusiast that loves a sick stance! Talking with him has really given me some great ideas for my blog here so definitely be on the lookout for some new material and definitely feel free to leave some comments on things you guys would like to see here!

Jono’s E9, A Great Example

I really wanted to share this article specifically because it really describes the process of working on a car’s stance, and that is trial and error and artistic creativity. This is one of the most popular articles on the site and at a glance, you would assume that the owner, Jonothan Deleeuw knew exactly what he wanted and exactly how he wanted to do it. But that is not at all the case. The wheels were initially 17 inches in diameter. Once fitted to the car, there was too much wheel space and the car could only be so much lower. So he up-sized the wheels to 18 inches in diameter.

Stance doesn’t only include a flashy set of wheels, though. You have to achieve the perfect ride height to eliminate the space between the wheel and wheel well, and the space between the body of the car and the ground. Making it all seem like one continuous body. This requires a replacement of the original suspension set up. Not only did he need new parts, but they needed to be custom to work for such an older vehicle. An entirely unique suspension set up was created from parts of suspension set ups of various other vehicles. It’s  an expensisve hobby, but if you’re really willing to put your heart into it, you can really create a masterpiece.


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